ASAP 3.2.0 (2014-06-23)
  • Reduced amplitude by half to avoid clipping on loud tunes.

  • Silence detection regarded GTIA and COVOX sounds as silence.

  • asapconv supports conversion to one WAV/RAW/MP3/XEX file per subsong.

  • File Information window in the foobar2000 plugin.

  • Updated the XBMC plugin for the new XBMC.

  • OS X VLC plugin no longer requires OS X 10.8.

    Android changes
  • Android 4.4 can now read the memory card.

  • Switch to the next song when the current one ends.

  • Playback couldn’t be resumed after a while of pause.

  • Search files using on-screen keyboard.

  • Removed HTTP playback.

  • Files with duplicate titles were lost in the details view.

ASAP 3.1.6 (2014-01-15)
  • given access to the whole filesystem by always starting in the root directory.

  • plays files from ATR disk images.

  • displays path in the file selector.

  • dimmed the background wallpaper.

  • modified file associations for compatibility with some file managers.

  • possible to move the installed application to a memory card.

Other ports
  • foobar2000: fixed parallel conversion.

  • ATR: added support for MyDOS disk images larger than 256k.

  • Silverlight: fixed playback of songs longer than 3:34 (by Maciej "Grzybson" Grzybek).

  • CMS: fixed playback of blank patterns (by MarOk).

ASAP 3.1.5 (2013-08-17)
  • Android: fixed playback on Android 4.1+, disconnecting headset pauses playback, updates position and avoids "process not responding" during seek, starts in root directory if there’s no memory card.

  • GStreamer plugin gets autoplugged (read: SAPs play in GStreamer-based players).

  • WASAP plays music to its very end.

  • Fixed crash on malformed RMT files.

  • Restored Audacious 2.x compatibility.

  • DEB packages.

  • foobar2000 *.fb2k-component package.

ASAP 3.1.4 (2013-04-29)
  • Android: plays in background, can switch to next/previous/random file, opens M3U playlists, file selector can display metadata, "back" returns to parent directory.

  • WASAP fixed to avoid occasional deadlock when opening files during playback.

  • VLC plugin compiled for OS X.

  • 64-bit RPMs.

  • Fixed time detection for CMS.

  • Windows Explorer displays titles for RMT, TMC, TM2.

  • "Show information about the currently playing file" restored after Winamp/XMPlay restart.

  • TortoiseSVN and TortoiseGit plugins don’t depend on libz-1.dll.

  • asapscan calculates SAP fingerprints (contributed by Jakub Husak).

  • Experimental ASAP2WAV in Perl.

ASAP 3.1.3 (2012-12-04)
  • foobar2000 plugin plays files inside ATR disk images.

  • VLC and AIMP 3 plugins support RMT and FC in addition to SAP.

  • Audacious plugin can edit AUTHOR, NAME and year, upgraded to Audacious 3.3.

  • GStreamer plugin handles TIME, AUTHOR, NAME, DATE and seek, compiled for Windows.

  • Fixed JAD file for the Java midlet.

  • Created RPMs for VLC and GStreamer.

  • Experimental Windows 8 port.

ASAP 3.1.2 (2012-06-25)
  • Created VLC plugin (SAP format only).

  • The JavaScript player now works in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 and 6, using XAudioJS.

  • Flash Player, Java applet, Silverlight and JavaScript players were put in a single "web" package.

  • UTF-8 encoding is supported for STIL.

  • Author is no longer hidden in the converted XEX files.

  • Winamp plugin opens ATR disk images and plays files inside them.

  • Audacious plugin updated to Audacious 3.2 and compiled for Windows.

  • BASS add-on updated to be compatible with AIMP 3 (SAP format only).

  • Enabled title/author/year in the BASS add-on (only selected BASS-based players use it, for example EncoreBassing).

  • Windows Media Player codec supports subsongs, AUTHOR and NAME (this works at least with Media Player Classic Home Cinema).

  • JavaScript interface of the web players has been extended and now has identical functionality.

  • New TortoiseSVN and TortoiseGit plugins show changes in SAP tags.

ASAP 3.1.1 (2011-10-26)
  • Converted XEX files may optionally display information.

  • Fixed conversion of some TYPE D SAP files (e.g. to XEX.

  • Fixed time detection for some FC files.

ASAP 3.1.0 (2011-09-24)
  • WASAP/Winamp/Apollo/XMPlay file information window now includes STIL (SAP Tune Information List) and technical data.

  • Added Future Composer (*.fc) format (contributed by Jerzy Kut).

  • Written specification of the SAP format.

  • XMPlay displays STIL, tracker name and RMT instrument names.

  • The 64-bit setup package now includes the Windows Media Player plugin (useful for the Vista/7 sidebar WMP gadget).

  • Java release now includes asap.jar for WUDSN IDE.

  • asapplay in the D programming language has been ported to Linux and 64-bit compilers (by Adrian Matoga).

ASAP 3.0.1 (2011-07-15)
  • Uses linear interpolation for resampling (try

  • Displays titles of RMT, TMC and TM2 files.

  • The GSPlayer plugin now works on new Windows Mobile versions.

  • The Android player can play files directly from ZIP archives.

  • asapconv can auto-detect the native format (asapconv -o .%e *.sap).

  • asapconv can relocate modules (asapconv --address=a000 -o relocated.tmc original.tmc).

  • asapconv can write metadata to WAV files.

  • Created an experimental plugin for GStreamer (requires GStreamer with this bug fixed - 0.10.36 or newer).

  • Converted XEX files disable the built-in BASIC.

  • Converted XEX files clear the I flag for the TYPE D PLAYER routine.

  • Doublequotes and pipes are now allowed characters in the AUTHOR and NAME tags.

ASAP 3.0.0 (2011-05-24)
New ports
  • Created a desktop player for the Adobe AIR platform.

  • Ported the Windows Media Player plugin to Windows CE.

  • Created a setup package with the Windows Explorer plugin for 64-bit Windows.

  • The Audacious plugin supports Audacious 2.5.

  • Created RPM packages with asapconv, ASAP C library and the XMMS plugin.

  • Created ASAP2WAV and a simple player in the D programming language.

  • JavaScript ASAP2WAV now runs in DMDScript and JScript.NET.

Emulation accuracy
  • Corrected ANTIC and POKEY timings.

  • Implemented STIMER, NMIST and NMIRES hardware registers.

  • Made the CONSOL register readable.

  • Fixed and optimized undocumented 6502 instructions.

Usability improvements
  • Conversion to Atari executables (XEX format, also known as COM).

  • RMT files can be extracted from SAP files created in Raster Music Tracker.

  • Implemented subsongs, seek bar and pause in the Android port.

  • Added a date picker in the WASAP/Winamp/Apollo/XMPlay file information window.

  • The FASTPLAY tag can be up to 32767 (previously 312).

  • Browser JavaScript player works on file:// URLs.

  • asapscan uses a much faster length detection algorithm.

Bug fixes
  • Many important fixes in the Audacious plugin.

  • Many fixes in the Android port.

  • Rewritten ASAP core to the Ć programming language.

  • Removed defaultPlaybackTime and loopPlaybackTime parameters from applet, Flash Player and Silverlight interfaces.

ASAP 2.1.2 (2010-11-03)
  • There are new ports: Android, Audacious plugin, Silverlight and a simple command-line player using SDL.

  • WASAP has been ported to Windows CE.

  • There’s a new CAB package for Windows CE.

  • Re-running WASAP opens the file selector.

  • JavaScript ASAP2WAV now works in Rhino Shell, Google V8 shell, JScript.NET and JaegerMonkey.

  • A slight fix and an optimization have been applied to 6502 emulation.

  • "Show information about the currently playing file" is now available in XMPlay and has been fixed in Winamp.

ASAP 2.1.1 (2010-05-05)
  • The SAP file format has been extended with the "NTSC" tag.

  • A BASS add-on (works in AIMP) has been created.

  • A crash in XMPlay has been fixed.

  • The XMMS plugin now works correctly on big endian machines.

  • There’s a new Windows Explorer extension which displays metadata (title, author, year, duration, mono/stereo, number of subsongs, PAL/NTSC) and on Windows Vista/7 can edit them.

  • A simple player in C# has been created.

ASAP 2.1.0 (2010-02-02)
  • ASAP2WAV has been replaced with asapconv which can additionally convert native modules to and from the SAP format, edit SAP tags and write MP3 files using LAME.

  • A plugin for XMPlay has been created.

  • The foobar2000 plugin has been updated to foobar2000 1.0.

  • Time detection in RMT files has been fixed.

  • PLAYER tag is now optional for TYPE D SAP files.

  • "File Information" window now includes a better validation.

  • Windows Media Player’s "Open" now includes ASAP file types.

  • WASAP has a progress bar for writing WAV files.

  • Flash player uses DEFSONG.

  • Source code has been improved and moved from CVS to Git repository.

ASAP 2.0.0 (2009-12-10)
  • Windows setup has been created.

  • ASAP has been ported to Flash Player and experimentally to JavaScript.

  • New input formats: DLT, CMS and CM3 are supported.

  • GTIA sound and COVOX are emulated.

  • WASAP now includes "Save as WAV".

  • JavaScript interface of the Java applet has been changed.

  • There were huge changes in the build process: on Unix/Linux it no longer uses the "configure" script and on Windows it uses MinGW for almost all binaries (they are smaller than Visual C++ 2008’s, compatible with Windows 9x, wildcards work in ASAP2WAV).

ASAP 1.2.1 (2009-05-08)
  • XBMC plugin and POKEY emulation DLL for RMT have been created.

  • The midlet has a progress bar, tags display, subsong selection and better performance.

  • SKCTL emulation has been slightly improved.

  • Documentation has been converted from plain text to HTML.

ASAP 1.2.0 (2008-03-29)
  • Plugins for Windows Media Player and Apollo have been created.

  • RMT duration detection has been improved.

  • A bug in TMC to SAP conversion has been fixed.

  • ASAP can be compiled as C#.

ASAP 1.1.0 (2008-02-17)
  • All formats supported by ASAP can be converted to and from the SAP format, using the file information window of WASAP or the Winamp plugin. Unlike SAP Maker, ASAP supports subsongs and TIME tags.

  • POKEY emulation has improved a little.

  • Bugs in the XMMS plugin, the foobar2000 plugin and the applet have been fixed.

ASAP 1.0.2 (2007-11-02)
  • TIME tags can be edited in the file information window of WASAP and the Winamp plugin.

  • A few emulation bugs have been fixed.

  • Some user interface issues in WASAP have been fixed.

ASAP 1.0.1 (2007-06-10)
  • Plugin for MOC (Music On Console) has been created.

  • WASAP, Winamp plugin and foobar2000 plugin can edit AUTHOR, NAME and DATE tags in SAP files.

  • Winamp and XMMS plugins format titles as specified by the player.

  • TMC files are now played in stereo.

  • A few minor bugs have been fixed.

ASAP 1.0.0 (2007-05-28)
  • This release introduces completely new 6502 and POKEY emulation. SAP files with samples are supported.

  • ASAP can be compiled as Java - an applet and an experimental midlet have been created.

  • Winamp, foobar2000 and GSPlayer plugins support silence detection and muting selected POKEY channels.

  • Winamp plugin supports subsongs and Winamp’s equalizer.

ASAP 0.3.0 (2007-05-06)
  • Added support for AUTHOR, NAME, DATE and TIME tags in SAP files.

  • Winamp, foobar2000 and the new GSPlayer plugin have configurable playback time for songs with no TIME tag and songs marked with LOOP.

  • foobar2000 plugin has been updated for version 0.9 of foobar2000.

  • XMMS plugin supports the TM8 extension.

ASAP 0.2.1 (2006-01-28)
  • Added TM2 (Theta Music Composer 2.x) file format.

  • Compilation and installation on Unix-like systems have been improved.

  • foobar2000 plugin supports subsongs.

ASAP 0.2.0 (2006-01-15)
  • Added stereo and 16-bit audio output (enabled by default).

  • Compressed SAP files (for example are played correctly.

  • Subsongs are supported in RMT files.

  • There are new plugins: for XMMS and for foobar2000 version 0.8.

  • WASAP supports Windows Explorer’s "Open with".

ASAP 0.1.0 (2005-12-31)
  • This initial release included: ASAP2WAV - portable command-line utility for converting Atari 8-bit music to WAV files, WASAP - a tiny player for Windows and in_asap - a Winamp plugin.

  • It supported the following formats: SAP (except for samples and stereo), CMC, CMR, DMC, MPT (without samples), MPD, RMT (mono) and TMC (mono).