ASAP is a player of Atari 8-bit music for modern computers and mobile devices. It emulates the POKEY sound chip and the 6502 processor. The project was initially based on the routines from the Atari800 emulator, but the current version has original emulation core.



Installer for all versions of desktop Windows (32-bit and 64-bit).


If you only want the foobar2000 plugin.


Android application.

WASAP, Windows Media Player and GSPlayer plugins for Windows Mobile.

Embed ASAP on your web page.

Java midlet for mobile phones.


Desktop player in JavaScript (requires Adobe AIR).


View and edit SAP file tags in your 64-bit Windows Explorer. Listen in 64-bit Windows Media Player.

For Windows people allergic to installers.

For Windows Mobile people allergic to installers.


VLC plugin for OS X (Intel 32-bit and 64-bit). Drag libasap_plugin.dylib to plugins.


Linux binary of asapconv.


Linux binary of asapconv.


Linux binary of the GStreamer 0.10 plugin.


Linux binary of the GStreamer 0.10 plugin.


Linux binary of the VLC plugin.


Linux binary of the VLC plugin.


Linux library for embedding ASAP in other applications.


Linux library for embedding ASAP in other applications.


Linux binary of the XMMS plugin.


Full source code (use for the Audacious plugin on Linux).

All released files are available here.

Input formats

ASAP supports the following file formats:

SAP (Slight Atari Player)

Designed for playing Atari 8-bit music on PCs. All other formats can be converted to SAP. Atari SAP Music Archive (ASMA) is a single big collection of SAP files.

CMC (Chaos Music Composer)

Atari music editor from early 1990s.

CM3 (CMC "3/4")

CMC with modified pattern length.

CMR (CMC "Rzog")

CMC with modified bass sounds.

CMS (Stereo Double CMC)

Stereo CMC.

DMC (DoublePlay CMC)

CMC with 6502 routine executed at double rate of the original CMC.

DLT (Delta Music Composer)

Atari music editor from 1990s.

FC (Future Composer)

Atari music editor from 1990s.

MPT (Music ProTracker)

Atari music editor from 1990s.

MPD (MPT DoublePlay)

MPT with 6502 routine executed at double rate of the original MPT.

RMT (Raster Music Tracker)

Modern Atari music editor running on Windows.

TMC, TM8 (Theta Music Composer 1.x)

Atari music editor from late 1990s. The two file extensions are treated identically and played in stereo. TM8 means it’s stereo (8-channel) music while TMC can be either mono or stereo.

TM2 (Theta Music Composer 2.x)

Modern Atari music editor.

STIL (SAP Tune Information List)

This isn’t a music format. It’s a text file that contains cover information and comments for many music files. This format is identical to C64 STIL. STIL.txt is distributed with ASMA (see above).

You can find some example files in

For viewing Atari pictures check out our sister project RECOIL.


ASAP runs on Windows, Linux, in web browsers and mobile devices. This remarkable portability is possible thanks to the Ć programming language.

ASAP includes the following programs:

  • plugins for Windows/Linux players: Audacious, VLC, XBMC, GStreamer

  • plugins for Windows players: Windows Media Player, Winamp, foobar2000, XMPlay, Apollo, GSPlayer

  • plugins for Linux players: XMMS, MOC

  • add-on for Windows library BASS (for AIMP and other players)

  • asapconv - portable command-line converter

  • WASAP - tiny player for Windows (desktop and mobile)

  • POKEY sound emulation DLL for Raster Music Tracker

  • Windows Explorer extension - shows and edits metadata

  • AIRASAP - simple desktop player in the Adobe AIR technology

  • AndroidASAP - player for mobile devices

  • Java midlet - player for mobile phones

  • Flash player - for web pages (see online demo)

  • Java applet - for web pages (see online demo)

  • JavaScript player - for web pages (see online demo)

  • Silverlight player - for web pages (see online demo)

  • MetroASAP - experimental player for Windows 8

  • ASAP2WAV - command-line converters to WAV files implemented in Java, C#, JavaScript, Perl and D

  • simple command-line players implemented in C/SDL, C# and D

This table summarizes differences between the above versions.

To play the music on an Atari 8-bit, convert the music to an Atari program (XEX) using asapconv, WASAP, Winamp, Apollo or XMPlay.

There are other projects which use ASAP:


Piotr Fusik

Creator and main developer.

Atari800 Emulator Developers

6502 and POKEY emulation used in 0.x.y versions of ASAP.

Zdenek Eisenhammer


Maciej Grzybek

Fixed an overflow in the Silverlight port.

Jakub Husak

SAP fingerprint calculation. asapscan fixes.

Henryk Karpowicz

CMC routine modified for the CM3 format.

Maciek Konecki

Porting to C#.

Marek Konopka

6502 routine for playing DLT.

Daniel Kozminski


Jerzy Kut

FC format.

Marcin Lewandowski

6502 routines for playing CMC, MPT, TMC and TM2.

Ian Luck

Guided development of XMPlay and BASS plugins.


CMS routine fix.

Adrian Matoga

COVOX information and test files. Testing. Porting to D.

Perry McFarlane

POKEY reverse-engineering.

Kostas Nakos

Windows CE testing.

Mariusz Rozwadowski

Suggested CMS, CM3, DLT and STIL format support.

Slawomir Sledz

Windows Mobile setup. Thorough testing.

David Spilka

6502 routine for playing CMS.

Radek Sterba

6502 routine for playing RMT. Testing.

Lukasz Sychowicz

Windows icons. Testing.

Pawel Szewczyk

Windows setup graphics.

Michal Szpilowski


Grzegorz Zyla

XBMC plugin testing.


If you are interested in the ASAP project, please subscribe its mailing list. This list is for users and developers. Once you subscribe, you can post comments, ideas and questions about ASAP. They will be answered ASAP. ;-)

Use tracker to submit bug reports, feature requests and small code patches.